Accessory Request

Accessory Request

Those who want to make their own accessories! Who wish to produce own brand.
Who wish to manufacture, but don't have enough skills.
Who need support in design, manufacturing, and producing.
Please contact below (corporate or individual)

☆Order made original accessories and original precious metals available.
We can take custom made original orders from small lots.
Details will be finalized during negotiation, so please contact us.

Step 1: Take client requests for products and delivery timing
Step 2: Begin first design
Step 3: Begin second design
Step 4: Start manufacturing model product
Step 5: Check model product details and complete actual product
Step 6: Deliver to client (model product, designs, actual product)

It takes about 2 to 3 months from planning to delivery.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for price estimation or delivery timing.
By taking complete original orders, we try to deliver the best service to satisfy clients.

☆Support for setting up accessories brand, planning and branding
We support total direction for setting up new brands, such as promotional giveaway items , homepage, logo designs, and any other requirements.
Service depends on client requirements, so please contact us.

ERI ON THE WAVES Contact details

3-2-1 ginza chuo-ku tokyo. 104-0061.