Suncatcher Request

Suncatcher Request

Wish to select sun catcher. Wish to create original but don't have enough skills.
Need help in design, manufacturing or producing.
Please contact below (corporate or individual)

What is sun catcher? It is home accessory from Nordic. Sun catcher is lighting interior which captures sunshine and creates rainbow in the room.

☆Those who wish to buy sun catcher to stock

We do whole sale to small shops at THALASSA FAMILIA r Sun Catcher Tokyo show room.
It is possible to buy from the stock from small lots and take remake orders.
Stock products: possible to deliver (Details depends on clients so please contact us)

☆Original Sun Catcher order process

Step 1: Take client requests for products and delivery timing
Step 2: Begin first design
Step 3: Begin second design
Step 4: Manufacture sample
Step 5: Take lot order (lot depends on material and price)
Step 6: Deliver to client (attache products, box, ribbon, package, possible to suggest promotional items and planning at the same time)

It takes about 3 months from planning to delivery.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for price estimation or other requests.
By taking complete original orders, we try to deliver the best service to satisfy clients.

ERI ON THE WAVES Contact details

3-2-1 ginza chuo-ku tokyo. 104-0061.